King Solomon, considered by some traditions to be the wisest of all men, claims: “meaningless, meaningless…everything is meaningless”. Socrates, also reputed as a wise person, says that: “the unexamined life is not worth living”. And, Aristotle argues that: “all things aim at some end”.

Solomon, Socrates and Aristotle all are dealing with the question of meaning. Is there meaning in this life? How can I know whether meaning is possible for my life unless I examine? If all things aim at some end (The Good), or purpose, what is the purpose of life?

These are some of the most basic of philosophical questions. This is a site where we engage in these questions. Self-examination is not always easy. So I encourage students to read this post. If the question of meaning, purpose, and The Good, interests you then you are invited to join a conversation that is as old as humanity itself. So come, let us reason together.


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